My IMA Experience

My main goal for the IMA MFA program is to complete a terminal degree. I have an MA in theatre, but I will need a terminal degree eventually to remain competitive in academia, and I didn’t want to do an MFA in acting, or a PhD in theatre.

I started teaching “Acting for the Camera” right out of undergrad because it was lucrative, and I needed to work. I bought myself a video camera, and I already had iMovie on my Mac. I learned iMove through trial and error, and I think I taught 3 different iterations of the same course at various local organizations. I would essentially make a short video each week with the kids, and at the end of the term we’d have a screening. I really enjoyed editing the videos, and when I came to NYU for graduate school, I kept making short films for class projects, etc. I found it very helpful to be able to create my own videos as a college professor, and now that higher ed is in a financial bind, I am also looking at transitioning to Ed Tech or something like that.

I really want to take a VR/360 Filmmaking course, but so far there are no plans to offer it again. VR is very similar to immersive theatre, which I love, and a lot of theatre companies started adding in a VR component back in 2018. After a strong start, VR has stalled, and I think we need some more innovation before it tips into mainstream.

So far, I have taken Doc 1, Premiere and Resolve workshops, Story Strategies, AR, and Doc Hist. Oh, and I took the undergrad version of Doc 1, the film history class, the introductory film production class, and the TV studio course.

I am hoping to leave Hunter College very familiar with the Adobe Creative Suite, and a body of creative work I could showcase. I am taking my sweet time to complete the program, though, so I’ll be around for awhile.

Some of my work includes:

Stop Motion (1 min) – https://vimeo.com/459910265

IMA Doc 1 Final Group Project (5ish mins) – https://vimeo.com/378007040

Undergrad Doc 1 Final Project (8.5 mins) https://vimeo.com/306586764

Undergrad Doc 1 Midterm Project (5ish mins) https://vimeo.com/304250350

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